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Judy Kerr's Story

Judy Kerr was a patient at Groves Memorial Community Hospital and was very impressed with the great health care she received here.

“The nurses were so caring and compassionate. Each one of them made sure my long stay at Groves Hospital was comfortable.”
- Judy Kerr

When Judy first visited the hospital, she brought her own positioning sheet for the nurses to use to easily lift, turn, and transport her. The nurses soon came to realize how convenient these sheets were.

Seeing as there were no positioning sheets available at Groves, Judy generously provided funding to purchase a number of these items for the Medical Inpatient Unit. Judy’s donation now makes the nurses’ job easier and more efficient when needing to transfer and reposition patients in their beds.

After spending an extended period of time at Groves, Judy is now discharged and feeling very grateful for the care given by all the nurses. Judy is thankful for the nurses’ compassion, along with her good friend, Grace Bagshaw (pictured), who all played an important part of her ongoing recovery.