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Rowan McLean's Story

Every year, Fergus based home automation company, Station Earth, holds a client appreciation day called Hot Laps where clients get an opportunity to run their sports cars on a professional racetrack to experience what their vehicles are truly capable of. 

For the second year in the row, the event was used to raise funds for Groves Memorial Community Hospital’s Oncology Department. The provincial COVID-19 restrictions were lifted just in time to allow a safe and socially distanced outdoor event at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville.  

After experiencing firsthand a family member’s cancer journey through the local healthcare system from diagnoses to treatment, Rowan McLean, President of Station Earth, wondered if his customers would respond to a fundraising component to this annual Hot Laps client appreciation event. He decided to donate 100% of ticket sales to the hospital foundation and offered his clients an opportunity to contribute additional amounts.  

Station Earth raised $13,585 for Groves Memorial Community Hospital, beating last year’s amount by over $1,000. 

“My personal experience with the Groves Memorial Hospital and the level of care and compassion demonstrated throughout our journey was exceptional. I was thrilled at the way our clients supported Hot Laps which allowed us to give back to our community hospital.” 
- Rowan McLean

Rowan has supported Groves since 2006 and has donated over $36,000 to date, including the fundraised amount from Station Earth’s Hot Laps event.