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Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift to Groves in your Will is a meaningful way to create a lasting legacy in your community and supports the future of health care delivery for your family, friends, and loved ones. A legacy gift is an incredible, timeless statement of your generosity and care. It is also an opportunity to show you believe that Groves is an integral part of our community and must be maintained for generations to come. Please consider a charitable gift to help your legacy live on at Groves.

Will Power Campaign

We have partnered with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills. 

Wills are more than just a legal document to distribute your personal assets. They are also a powerful tool to make change in the world. Your Will can do more. Leaving a small portion of your estate to charity could result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, while still supporting those you love. You may be surprised to see that even 1% left to charity in your Will can have an enormous impact on your cause, while still leaving 99% of your estate for your family. You don’t have to choose between your loved ones and your cause when planning your Will. 

Visit our Will Power page for more information and tools to help calculate your potential gift.

If you're interested in starting a conversation with your financial advisor about leaving a gift in your Will to Groves Hospital Foundation, but unsure of where to start, we have a tool that can help! 


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Talk to an advisor about adding Groves Hospital Foundation to your Will

Our advisors can help you plan a charitable gift in your Will.

Nate Martin, BAH, JD, is a Partner at SV Law.

Helping individuals and families with their Estate Planning is a valued component of Nate's law practice.

“Leaving even a small portion of your estate to charity can result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, while supporting those you love”, says Nate.

Nate values your time and strives to provide innovative, practical, and efficient solutions to your estate planning concerns.  

Contact Nate today about adding a charitable gift to your Will.