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Groves Hospital Foundation was established on December 6, 2002, and celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2022. The Foundation's purpose is to raise and steward funds to support the vital needs of Groves Memorial Community Hospital, including equipment, technological tools, staff appreciation/education, and capital projects. Groves Memorial Community Hospital services Centre Wellington and its surrounding rural townships, by offering a wide range of acute, primary, diagnostic, and ambulatory care services.

Our Mission

Dedicated to raising and stewarding funds for Groves Memorial Community Hospital, to ensure that the residents of Centre Wellington and surrounding areas receive optimal health care.

Our Vision

To inspire the community to support Groves Memorial Community Hospital – a leader in the provision of excellent, compassionate, rural health care.

Our Motto

Caring for Today. Growing for Tomorrow.

History of Groves

The Foundation was established in 2002 with a mission to fundraise for necessary equipment, technology, and staff/physician education at GMCH and to fundraise for the planned Redevelopment of Legacy Groves. Endowments were created and have been maintained to ensure funds for staff and physician’s continuing education.

By 2008, over $15 Million had been raised in pledges from the community. All of the fundraising was done by an incredibly dedicated group of volunteers. This included over 200 volunteers, led by the late John Wheatley and Donal (Don) McKeown, who carried out an extensive door-to-door Community Campaign throughout Fergus, Elora, Belwood, and Arthur.

However, the Redevelopment was cancelled by the Ministry of Health in favour of building a new hospital, as the cost for renovations grew too extensive and the legacy site too small for our growing community.

The in-kind gift of $5 Million from the County of Wellington was used to purchase the land on which the new hospital sits, cover the costs of performing surveys, and create a new road and traffic circle.

Donations to the Redevelopment totalling $7 Million were held in trust and stewarded by Groves Hospital Foundation, from 2008-2020, and were used to help fund the local 10% share of build costs for the New Groves Hospital.

  • To date, over $422,079 raised
  • 2,176 Donors
  • 2,725 Gifts & Pledges

Led by cancer survivor and Past Board Chair, Jayne MacKenzie, this campaign brought the Oncology Department to Groves Hospital in 2006. We continue to accept donations for the Oncology Department’s ongoing equipment and technology needs.

Groves’ Oncology Unit is a partner of the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and provides out-patients with chemotherapy treatment, under the care of an Oncology Nurse and local Family Physicians. The Oncology Unit helps patients by decreasing the need for travel and allows them to receive care close to home.

  • Over $2.5 Million Raised
  • 2,914 Donors
  • 6,271 Gifts & Pledges

The CT Scan Campaign Cabinet, led by Ted Ecclestone, with traveling community presentations by Dr. Richard & Heather Gergovich, fundraised to purchase a state-of-the-art CT Scanner, and the appropriate room and technology, for Groves Hospital. This CT Scanner, purchased through the incredible support of our community, is the same one which was moved to the New Groves Hospital and is still being used to provide valuable diagnostic images of our patients today.

  • $525,000 Raised
  • 1,032 Donors
  • 1,515 Gifts & Pledges

The Digital Mammography Campaign fundraised to bring breast cancer screening to Centre Wellington. In their roles as Board Chairs during these years, Jayne MacKenzie & Heather Gergovich both spearheaded fundraising for this initiative. Many community events were held to raise funds for this vital equipment, including the “Diminishing Tea Party” (community chain tea parties) and a larger “Afternoon Tea & Lunch” held at Heritage River. The same Digital Mammography machine that was purchased by the donations of this fantastic group was moved to the New Groves Hospital in 2020 and is being used to perform vital breast cancer screening for our patients to this day.

  • Over $20 Million Raised
  • 3,418 Donors
  • 243 Gifts of $5,000+
  • 527 $151 Gifts
  • 8,084 Gifts & Pledges
  • 10% of Build Funded
  • Over 250 Items of Equipment Purchased

The total cost for the local share and almost all equipment and technology to equip the New Groves Hospital was estimated at $27 Million ($7 Million from the Redevelopment Campaign and $20 Million in new funds). The New Groves Hospital Campaign was launched in 2015 with a goal of $20 Million, a seemingly lofty amount for a community of our size. 

In 2015, it would have been hard to predict just how tremendous our donors’ generosity and support would be for the future of our local hospital. In 2017, we officially broke ground on the construction and in February of 2020 the project reached “substantial completion”. On August 9, 2020 we officially moved to and opened the doors of the new Groves Memorial Community Hospital. None of which would have been possible without the amazing and continued support of our community.

There were several different dedicated groups of volunteers who ensured the Campaign was a success, including: Leadership Cabinet (chaired by Jeff Ostic & Dr. Peter McPhedran), Agricultural & Farming Cabinet (led by Bill Woods), Major Gifts Cabinet (chaired by Past Board Chair, Hugh Calderwood), $151 Cabinet (chaired by Cheryl Rowe), and our Gala for Groves Committee.

The words “Thank You” seem inadequate to express just how full of gratitude we are for everything our community contributed to the New Groves Hospital Campaign. From events, to fundraisers, to pledges from individuals, service clubs, businesses, and foundations, to our Gala for Groves; you have “Given to Groves” in so many ways – for which we will be eternally thankful.  

We are always thankful for your support, but never more than at a time like the past 3 years. Since March 11th, 2020, when the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic was declared, we have been incredibly touched by the generosity of local businesses, groups, schools, and individuals. We are proud to be a part of such a kind and caring community. 

We appreciate all of the many donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) & other essential supplies, businesses who have offered discounts for our staff, and your kind words & gestures of support. Thank you to the many individuals, groups, and businesses who made donations to our COVID Relief Fund. Thank you for making sacrifices and staying at home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and help our staff be able to do their jobs. 

Groves Hospital Foundation continues to fundraise annually to meet the ongoing equipment and technology needs of our community and our hospital. For more information on our current areas of need, click here.

In October 2022, Groves Hospital Foundation celebrated 20 Years of caring and coming together to support health care in our community! We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of our entire community throughout the previous 2 decades. As of our 20th Anniversary, over $37 Million has been contributed, by our incredible donors, to support Groves Memorial Community Hospital! For a video walk down memory lane, click here

Each year, the Foundation raises funds to purchase necessary equipment and technology, as requested by Groves Hospital. This Annual Campaign has existed concurrently with each campaign and has been responsible for countless items over the years (IV poles, beds, incubators, and almost all equipment you see at the hospital).

The Annual Holiday mailing is our largest appeal, raising an average of over $100,000 per year from our incredible donors! For this we are truly grateful for the community’s continued support!



Dr. Abraham Groves opened Queen Alexandra Hospital and Nursing School


After 60 years of service Dr. Groves donated hospital (debt free) to the Town of Fergus


Major new hospital build on site

1965 & 1980

New wings were added to accommodate growing community/new technology


Groves Memorial Hospital went into a major renovation plan and Groves Foundation was established.


GMCH embarked on $15 million Community Campaign to renovate current facility.


Renovation Project Guidelines changed and project cost grew to $65 Million. MOH granted approval to build New Groves Hospital.


Groves Foundation embarked on $20 Million "New Groves Hospital" Fundraising Campaign.


Ground Breaking for the New Groves Hospital.


New Groves Hospital opens its doors to the public.