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Statement of Ethics

Groves Hospital Foundation is committed to responsibly managing the funds that donors entrust to the Foundation, and to reporting the Foundation’s financial affairs accurately and completely.

The Foundation has adopted industry standards the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, a set of standards developed by IMAGINE, designed to encourage responsible and transparent practice by charities towards donors.

In adopting this Code, the Foundation is committed to fundraising practices that respect donors’ rights to truthful information and to privacy.

To learn more, read the Ethical Code Handbook.

The Foundation also holds a membership with an organization that has developed ethical standards for fundraisers to uphold: 

Association of Healthcare Philanthropy
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Our Mission

Dedicated to raising and stewarding funds for Groves Memorial Community Hospital, to ensure that the residents of Centre Wellington and surrounding areas receive optimal health care.

Contact Us

Groves Hospital Foundation
235 Union Street East,
Fergus, Ontario, N1M 1W3
Phone:  (519) 843-2010 ext: 3268
Fax: (519) 843-7288
Email: info@grovesfoundation.com

Charitable Business Number:
86359 7357 RR0001

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