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Daina Luszczek's Story

Since our visit to ER, mom was released and doing well. However, three days later she was brought to the hospital by ambulance. I wasn't aware that mom had been admitted to the hospital, at her request. The following day, on August 12th, 2020, I received a phone call from the hospital informing me my mother passed.

I would like to commend all the staff for their compassion, understanding and sympathy for the passing of my mom. From the phone call informing me mom was gone till I said my final goodbyes, all the staff were excellent.

Though I live in Toronto, I drove to the new hospital (and to this day I don't recall the drive). I walked through the doors and was greeted by the COVID screening station staff. When I said I was there to see my mom, immediately the chain of communication was discreet, swift and compassionate.

Nurse Kathy was an angel. She took the time to sit with me while my mother was prepared for my visit. Apologies galore were offered for the deficiencies because of the new facilities only being opened days before. A gentle voice, calming a bad dream in my head, offered sincere and genuine regret for my loss. She told me how nice my mom was but that is something I already knew. Kathy took her time and never made me feel rushed. She took me to see my mom and allowed me all the time I needed. When we returned upstairs, I was offered water or juice and a snack, which I should have accepted but didn't. My well-being was always Kathy's main focus and it was so appreciated even though my state of mind was in disbelief.

I am still reeling from the sudden loss of my mother. I never once did I think that Groves Hospital did anything but the absolute most they could for my mother. I believe mom's heart was tired and she knew it was time to go. It was a great comfort to hear that she went quickly and did not suffer. She lived a full life, had her faculties sharp and clear, lived independently and was active almost right to the very end of her life. Just 5 days short of her 89th birthday, I am sad for my loss but happy that mom left us on her terms.

Thank you to all the staff that was involved with her care.