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As a Foundation, we fundraise annually to meet the ongoing equipment and technology needs of GMCH. Did you know that nearly every piece of medical equipment and item of technology used at Groves is funded by donors, like you?

Our current priority is funding new & replacement equipment & technology at GMCH in 2023-24, including those listed below. Without the support of our community of incredible donors, we would be unable to continue to fund these, and many other, items.

New strides in medical innovations for technology & equipment are made every day, and old equipment eventually reaches its end of life or becomes outdated. Your Gift to Groves ensures our hospital is able to stay current and allows you, your friends, family, and loved ones to continue to receive the excellent care you need, close to home.

Every piece of patient care equipment at Groves is made possible because of the generous financial gifts we receive from our community and donors like you. Our drive towards improving patient care is never complete.

Department Item Description Requested $
Administration On-Call Physician Scheduling System Reduces time spent scheduling, provides schedules that meet physicians requests, and allows schedules to be securely accessed by mobile devices. $30,000
Diagnostic Imaging Digital X-Ray Detector Replacement x-ray detector for digital X-Ray, to allow optimal imaging. $87,000
Emergency  Medication Refrigerator A refrigerator for temperature controlled, secure storage of medications in the Resuscitation Room of the Emergency Department. $4,000
Emergency  Ventilator with BiPAP Capability An emergency ventilator, device which assists with breathing, with bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) capabilities. $35,000
Information, Communications & Automations Technology (ICAT) IT Hardware Laptops, Printers, and Minor IT Equipment for various departments at GMCH $35,000
ICAT Network ISE A security policy management platform that provides secure network access to end users & devices, across GMCH. $30,000
ICAT VxRail EMC Networker Maintenance Fully automates the installation and configuration of all nodes in to a cluster after network settings are input. Automatic scale-out. $8,000
ICAT Spanning-365 Cloud Backup Automatically backs up Office 365 Email, Calendars, and OneDrive for Business data daily. If data is deleted or damaged, it can be retrieved instantly.  $12,500
Laboratory Chemistry Analyzer Analyzer capable of running 28 unique tests, including: electrolytes, blood glucose, cardiac function, renal function, liver function, and drug levels. $220,000 
Laboratory Glucometers A medical device that measures the level of glucose in one’s blood at points in time when the user chooses to check their glucose. $28,000 
Laboratory Laboratory Fridge Fridge for secure & temperature controlled storage of samples and laboratory testing elements. $12,000
Laboratory Interface for iStat Analyzers A real-time interface for iStat Analyzers to provide professional care, scientific analysis of test results, timely, and accurate health information. $7,500
Laboratory Drugs of Abuse Medtox Reader Capable of testing for up to 13 drugs of abuse, this reader automatically provides fast and reliable screening results within 10 minutes. $2,700
Medical Device Reprocessing Department Stainless Steel Table Table for MDRD department made of stainless steel. $5,000 
Medicine Plumbing/Ice Machine Replacement plumbing and ice machine for Medical Department (not HIRF eligible due to building being <5 years old). $45,000 
Medicine Airvo Humidified High Flow System System for the delivery of high flow respiratory air to patients, includes a mechanical component for heating and humidifying the air. $14,000 
Medicine Bladder Scanner (Portable) A portable bladder scanner which works by measuring ultrasonic reflections within the patient's body to differentiate the urinary bladder from the surrounding tissue. It is a noninvasive portable tool for diagnosing, managing and treating urinary outflow dysfunction. $6,000
Obstetrics Panda Warmer Panda Warmers are utilized in all births to immediately warm the baby as the L&D team assesses the infant. The special warming properties allow the baby to stay open (unclothed & unwrapped) for the team to easily assess and evaluate the baby, and for footprints and banding. $48,000
Oncology Omnicell Flexlock This will ensure that medications are correctly, safely, and securely stored within a new fridge and will ensure that dosages are regulated and monitored for Oncology patients. ITEM PARTIALLY FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR. $4,000
Operating Room Mini C-ARM The Mini C-Arm is a fluoroscopy device designed to be used intra-operatively by a surgeon who is a Qualified Operator of the Mini C-Arm, without the assistance of a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT). It enables the surgeon to obtain dynamic images and perform interventions such as manipulations or injections. $200,000
Operating Room Medication Infusion Pump (Anaesthesia) An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient's body in controlled amounts. To be used to deliver anaesthetic medications for OR. $6,000
Operating Room Telescopes [5mm 30 degree] (2) Surgical Telescopes; price per telescope is $3,500 (1 of needed). ONE OF TWO FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR. $7,000
Operating Room Instrumentation - General Surgery Tools and instrumentation needed for general surgical procedures. $40,000
OR - Day Surgery Vital Signs Monitors Vital-signs monitors identify the patient and then read blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen saturation levels at precise intervals. With the push of a button, the information is recorded instantly in the patient's electronic medical record and can then be easily interpreted. $6,000 
PACU Cardiac Monitors Devices to monitor and record the electrical activity of patients' hearts (ECG); to be used to monitor patients following surgical procedures involving anaesthesia. $20,000
Pharmacy Hand-washing Sinks Sinks to be used by Pharmacy Staff to maintain proper infection control hand-washing procedures $13,000
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Used to store medicines and vaccines in secure, temperature controlled setting. Also come fitted with an alarm signal for a power outage or when the unit door is left open. $12,000
Physiotherapy/ Inpatient Unit Rollator Walkers Walkers to be used for physiotherapy with inpatients at GMCH. $4,000
Recovery Room Cardiac Monitor Devices to monitor and record the electrical activity of patients' hearts (ECG); to be used to monitor patients in the recovery room, following surgical procedures. $8,000
Surgical Services Laparoscopic Instrument Set Instrumentation to allow for minimally invasive electrosurgery procedures $45,000 
Central Registration Electronic Number Ticket Dispenser  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $4,000
Clinical Services Clinical Teaching Mannequin  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $5,000 
Complex Continuing Care SpO2 Monitor, Portable Hand-Held  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $3,000
Diagnostic Imaging Paediatric Positioning Device  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $11,000
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Unit with Echo Functionality FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $220,000 
Diagnostic Imaging PocketHealth Storage Hub FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $8,000
Emergency  X-Series Defibrillator FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $25,000 
Emergency EMMA Capnograph FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $3,000
Emergency  Cardiac Monitor (Paeds Module) (2) BOTH FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $6,000 each
Emergency Omnicell Flexlock FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $4,000
Endoscopy Endoscopy Viewing Monitor  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $11,000
Health Records Scanner FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $7,500
Laboratory Cytocentrifuge FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $7,000
Obstetrics Bassinet (2) BOTH FUNDED BY GENEROUS DONORS  $6,000 each
Obstetrics Incubator  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $45,000 
Oncology Blanket Warmer  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR $9,000
Oncology Patient Treatment Chair  FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR  $5,000
Oncology Medication Refrigerator/Freezer Combo FUNDED BY GENEROUS DONORS  $9,000
    Total: $1,500,200