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Did you know that every piece of medical equipment used at Groves is funded by donors?

New medical technologies and equipment continue to develop on an on-going basis, and old equipment becomes outdated. Your gift to Groves ensures our hospital stays current to allow you, your friends, family, and loved ones receive the care they need within their own community.

Every piece of patient care equipment at Groves is made possible because of the generous financial gifts we receive from the community. Our drive towards improving patient care is never complete.

Department Description Budget
Emergency Department Monitor, Vital Signs (2) w\stand $8,500
Medicine Monitoring, Cardiac telemetry expansion $55,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Pump, Epidural $12,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer $5,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Phototherapy Light System $5,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Warmer, Infant (Panda) $45,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Monitor, Fetal waterproof $12,000
Obstetrics and Surgical Cot, Cooling $5,000
Oncology Monitor, Vital Signs (2) $8,500
Pharmacy Cabinets, Omnicell $110,000
Surgical Services Surgical Hand table $6,000
Surgical Services Dental xray machine $10,000
Surgical Services Probe, Gamma $14,000
Surgical Services Gastroscope $32,000
Surgical Services Colonoscope $42,000
Surgical Services Telescope, 0‐degree 10mm $4,000
Surgical Services Hysterscope $10,000
Surgical Services Electrosurgical Unit (Argon) $15,000
Surgical Services Anesthetic Gas machine $90,000
Surgical Services Operating Room Table $57,000
Surgical Services Anesthesia infusion pump $6,000
ICAT Upgrade ‐ RL6 Risk Management System $65,000
Total   $617,000