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As a Foundation, we fundraise annually to meet the ongoing equipment and technology needs of GMCH. Did you know that nearly every piece of medical equipment and item of technology used at Groves is funded by donors?

Our current priority is funding the list of items needed for GMCH in 2022-23, including the items listed below. Without the support of our community of incredible donors, we would be unable to continue to fund these, and many other, items.

New strides in medical innovations for technology & equipment are made every day, and old equipment eventually reaches its end of life or becomes outdated. Your gift to Groves ensures our hospital is able to stay current and ensures you, your friends, family, and loved ones to receive the excellent care you need, close to home.

Every piece of patient care equipment at Groves is made possible because of the generous financial gifts we receive from the community. Our drive towards improving patient care is never complete.


Department Item Description Budget
Ambulatory Care Exam Chair An ergonomically designed chair to provide comfort for patients during a consultation or examination. $12,500 
Ambulatory Care Pneumatic Tourniquet A device used for upper and lower limb surgery to reduce bleeding, improve visualization of important structures, and expedite surgical procedures. $9,000 
Clinical Services Clinical Services Review A one-time capital project; to determine how to maximize our services and deliver best possible patient care with our existing partners & facilities. $150,000
Complex Continuing Care Patient Chair,
Bariatric Geriatric
A specialized padded, reclining chair used specifically for patients that are in the hospital for treatment for obesity, and designed to allow individuals recovering from treatment or surgery to sit comfortably. $10,000 
Diagnostic Imaging PocketHealth A secure, online storage hub that allows patients to access their medical images from any device in full diagnostic quality. $8,000 
Emergency Department Cart, Treatment A mobile medical carts customized for use by doctors and healthcare staff performing specific procedures. $3,000 
Emergency Department Cautery/Hyfrecator A device that uses a safe form of electrosurgery to remove unwanted or harmful tissues. A controlled current is used to heat up and destroy tissue (i.e., skin tags, red skin spots, sun spots). $2,500 
Information, Communications & Automations Technology Network Devices Devices, such as computers, routers, and printers, have important roles in health care as they help further clinical advances. $25,000 
Information, Communications & Automations Technology Enterprise Software Agreement  A contract between a customer and a vendor to allow the purchase and use of software for equipment and technology within the hospital. $150,000 
Laboratory Glucometers A medical device that measures the level of glucose in one’s blood at points in time when the user chooses to check their glucose. $28,000 
Laboratory MobiLab A software that allows patient identification for lab collections. $34,800 
Laboratory Interface for LifeLabs A real-time interface for LifeLabs to provide professional care, scientific analysis of test results, and timely and accurate health information. $17,000 
Materials Management Medical Carts Specialized trolleys designed to easily transport medical supplies from one patient’s room to another. $15,700 
Medical Device Reprocessing Department Cart, Transport Cart used to easily transport various items. $5,000 
Medical Device Reprocessing Department Automatic Door Opener A system to automatically open doors to sustain a particle free or sterile environment. In this case, it is for the Scope Cleaning Room. $5,000 
Medicine Bath/Shower Chair A special chair used to help patients while they are showering. These chairs can assist patients with personal hygiene tasks by allowing them to safely wash themselves while reducing the risk of slips or falls. $12,000 
Obstetrics Bassinettes (1 of 2) A medical grade bassinettes tailored for new moms by caesarian section. The bassinettes comes right over the bed so moms can have easier access to baby. 1 OF 2 BASSINETTES HAS ALREADY BEEN FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $12,000 
Diagnostic Imaging Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $200,000
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Machine FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $220,000 
Emergency Department X-series Defibrillator FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $25,000 
Emergency Department Vital Signs Monitor, Wall Mounted (2) BOTH FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $38,900
Endoscopy Vital Signs Machine FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $10,000
Laboratory Medinet Interface FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $50,000
Medicine Cardiac Ultrasound Probes FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $17,700
Medicine Vein Finder FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $3,000
Obstetrics Bassinettes (1 of 2) FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $12,000
OR - Day Surgery Blanket Warmer FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $7,100 
OR - Day Surgery Vital Signs Monitors FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $5,500 
Recovery Room Cardiac Monitor FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $7,500 
Surgical Services Ultrasound Machine for Anesthesia FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $50,800 
Surgical Services Bladder Scanner FUNDED BY A GENEROUS DONOR! $20,000 
    Total: $1,155,000