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As a Foundation, we fundraise annually to meet the ongoing equipment and technology needs of GMCH. Did you know that nearly every piece of medical equipment and item of technology used by the physicians and staff at Groves is funded by donors, like you?

Our current priority is funding new & replacement equipment & technology at GMCH in 2024-25. In addition to the items listed below, we will be funding improvements to the infrastructure of the hospital. We also have a fundraising goal of $2M to replace the current donor-funded CT Scanner, which is 15 years old and has now reached end-of-life. Click here to read more about CT. Without the support of our community of incredible donors, we would be unable to meet these needs.

Your Gift to Groves ensures our hospital is able to stay current and allows you, your friends, family, and loved ones to continue to receive excellent patient care, close to home, whenever you need it.

It is our firm belief that our state-of-the-art facility deserves nothing less than state-of-the-art tools and delivery. None of this is possible without you.

Department Item Description Requested $
All Green Initiatives & Innovation One of WHCA's, and GMCH's, new Strategic Pillars is enhancing Green Initiatives and environmentally friendly innovations at our hospital. This funding will help promote new green initiatives for GMCH. $20,000
All Education Another Strategic Pillar is an enhanced focus on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in patient care. This education funding will help fund staff training in this regard. $10,000
Ambulatory Care Blanket Warmer The blanket warmer will be used to store and warm blankets, to provide comfort and warmth to patients receiving care or treatments in Ambulatory Care $9,500
Ambulatory Care Vital Signs Monitors (2) Monitoring vital signs is a critical practice for clinicians to gauge a patient’s general health and well being. By quickly and efficiently observing a person’s vital signs, medical professionals can then work to determine the appropriate next steps. ($4,000 each) $8,000
Diagnostic Imaging Siemens Detector Standard Equipment Equipment for Siemens Detector in Diagnostics $90,000
Diagnostic Imaging Vital Signs Monitors (2) Monitoring vital signs is a critical practice for clinicians to gauge a patient’s general health and well being. By quickly and efficiently observing a person’s vital signs, medical professionals can then work to determine the appropriate next steps. ($4,000 each) $8,000
Dietary Cart Food services cart (Multigen 3-105 series); for transporting patient meals $22,000
Housekeeping Scrubber Floor Machine Swingo 1255B Scrubber Floor Machine, for cleaning hospital floors. This is an agile machine, which is easy to handle while offering increased productivity due to its wide 22 inch working width/16 gallon tank volume. $23,000
Housekeeping Shelving Wire shelving for linen storage in 7 "clean" supply rooms for use by housekeeping staff to organize clean linens.  $2,500
Information, Communications & Automations Technology (ICAT) Replacement of Cisco Firewall Management Center Replacement of Cisco Firewall Management Center for hospital network $65,000
ICAT Server Replacement Server for GMCH site $42,000
ICAT Commvault Metallic Office 365 Backup Office 365 Backup for hospital network $12,000
ICAT Network Demarc Switches (2) Network Demarc Switches ($2,225 each)  $4,500
ICAT Enterprise Software Agreement Enterprise Software Agreement  $157,000
ICAT Minor Equipment Laptops, desktops, screens, and other minor IT equipment for all departments across the hospital $25,000
ICAT Phones Cisco & Ascom wireless phones for various departments at GMCH $12,000
ICAT Questica Budget System Questica budgeting system, for hospital departmental budgeting, accounting, and data analysis $25,000
Inpatient Medical Bariatric Bed Bariatric hospital beds are wider than a standard hospital bed and are reinforced to support a higher weight capacity than a typical hospital bed.  $50,000
Laboratory CELL-DYN Ruby Hemotology Analyzer & Software The CELL-DYN Ruby System is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer using MAPSS optical technology for differentiating and analysis of blood cells $61,000 
Laboratory Cellavision CellaVision is a world-leading provider of digital hematology microscopy solutions, covering analyzers, instruments, reagents, and software $40,000 
Laboratory Laboratory Fridge Fridge for secure & temperature controlled storage of samples and laboratory testing elements. $12,000
Laboratory ECG Carts & iECG Platform Philips ECG Carts, iECG Platform, and ECG management systems speed the flow of cardiology knowledge across departments. It will streamline physician/staff workflow, data sharing, and raise the quality of cardiac care at Groves. $225,00
Materials Management Handheld Scanner MediSolutions handheld scanner for Nursing; nurses can scan the patient's wristband and their medication to confirm a match, helping ensure the right patient receives the right medication at the right time. $6,000
Medical Device Reprocessing Department DIATEG Insulation Tester This device detects damage, porosity, hairline cracks, pinholes and gas pores that impair the effectiveness of the insulation. $6,800
Medicine Automatic Door Openers Automatic Door Openers for APR Rooms to ensure ease and safety of movement for patients, physicians, staff, care partners, and visitors to APR. $40,000
Medicine Defibrillator Zoll Defibrillator with Real CPR Help technology, which provides real-time feedback on the depth and rate of chest compressions; designed to enhance and advance the practice of resuscitation. $28,000
Medicine VAC Wound Care Machine Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) of a wound is a treatment device for wound care. A wound vacuum device (wound vac machine) removes the pressure over the area of the wound. This can help a wound heal in several ways. It can gently pull fluid from the wound over time. This can reduce swelling and may help clean the wound, leading to enhanced healing. $25,000
Medicine Vital Signs Monitors (4) Welch Allyn wall-mounted vital signs monitors (4). Comprehensive physical assessment and vital signs documentation in one convenient system. The Connex Integrated Wall System provides everything vital for improved patient safety, speeding patient flow and saving valuable time and space. ($6,000 each) $24,000
Medicine Air Mattresses (3) Isoflex Air Mattresses (3) to add on top of patient mattresses as a therapeutic support surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries by managing the three key contributors of skin breakdown; pressure, shear and microclimate imbalance. ($5,000 each) $15,000
Medicine Ceiling Mounted Patient Camera for APR Rooms x2 Ceiling mounted cameras to allow enhanced monitoring/observation of patients being treated in the APR Rooms ($6,000 each). $12,000
Oncology SiteRite8 Ultrasound System for PICC line insertion The Site~Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System with integrated Sherlock 3CG+™ TCS is designed to aid in PICC tip positioning of catheters through real-time navigation and electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, for Oncology patients. $33,300
Oncology Blood Bank Refridgerator Blood Bank Refrigerators store and protect refrigerated whole blood, blood components, and blood products by maintaining a uniform temperature. This is particularly important for ensuring safety for our most vulnerable patients, in Oncology.  $6,000
Operating Room Mammotome Gen 2 Magseed/Magtrace equipment Equipment to place a marker for future lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery. With the Magseed marker, patients have been shown to feel less pain than using wires. They can return to normal daily life, reduce the number of visits to hospitals, decrease time spent in the hospital and eliminate delays to the operating room on the day of surgery. $91,000
Operating Room Hologic Fluent fluid management system with Myosure XL hysterscope Hologic Fluent fluid management system with hysterscope, operative sheath, and consumables. This is a sterile, handheld tissue removal device used to remove intrauterine tissue during procedures. $6,000
Operating Room Paediatric Colonoscopes ON HOLD FOR GENEROUS DONOR $40,000
Operating Room Olympus High Definition Gastroscopes (2) The Olympus High Definition Gastroscope delivers the best possible HDTV image quality. With resolution that far exceeds conventional video and the addition of Narrow Band Imaging, it enables enhanced observation of capillaries and mucosal tissue during gastroscopies. ($36,400 each) $76,800
Operating Room Olympus 4K autoclavable camera heads Make laparoscopic visibility even better than open surgery by adding features such as Ultra High Definition, Wider Color Gamut, and Magnified Visualization. Allow for sharper images with less noise with the sensor and optical-fiber transmission. Provide surgeons optimal view (fast and accurate), improved operability (ergonomic design), and V-Pro and autoclave compatibility. $29,000
Operating Room Minor Instrument Sets (4) Minor Basic surgical instrument set covering all basic instruments for training purposes or for surgery. In Minor Basic surgical instruments set contain generally forceps, needle holders, scissors, thumb forceps, hooks, retractors and artery forceps, etc. ($3,750 each) $15,000
Operating Room AMT Surgical Yellow elite stirrups These stirrups enable surgical personnel to lift and position a patient's legs, then safely and securely hold the legs in position while surgical. Allow surgeons/nurses to easily and safely move a patient's leg into lithotomy positioning during a variety of surgical procedures $18,000
Operating Room Endoscope Storage Cabinet While not in use, endoscopes must be stored in a closed, clean cabinet. Endoscope cabinets can also be used for drying. Storage cabinets are made of a material that can be disinfected and allow all endoscopes to be stored in a vertical position; this position is used to ensure complete drying. $15,000
Operating Room Telescope (10MM) ON HOLD FOR GENEROUS DONOR $10,000
Operating Room Cardiac Monitors Devices to monitor and record the electrical activity of patients' hearts (ECG); to be used to monitor patients during surgical procedures involving anaesthesia in the Operating Room. $30,000
Pharmacy Premium Windows 10 Package Premium Windows 10 Package, software upgrade for all Omnicell cabinets (secure medication storage, tracking, and dispensing devices) $76,000
Pharmacy Software Upgrade Unit Dose Packaging Machine software upgrade to ensure medication dispensing accuracy.  $4,000
Radiology BMD-LUNAR Prodogy Advance A new Bone Density Machine for Radiology, to accurately measure patient’s bone health/density and detect and/or diagnose osteoporosis. $120,000
Ultrasound Ultrasound Unit Software Upgrade R3 software upgrade + Transducer Logiq E10 ultrasound unit $15,500
    Total: $1,907,800