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Did you know that every piece of medical equipment used at Groves is funded by donors?

New medical technologies and equipment continue to develop on an on-going basis, and old equipment becomes outdated. Your gift to Groves ensures our hospital stays current to allow you, your friends, family, and loved ones receive the care they need within their own community.

Every piece of patient care equipment at Groves is made possible because of the generous financial gifts we receive from the community. Our drive towards improving patient care is never complete.


Department Description Budget
Ambulatory Care Exam Chair $12,500 
Ambulatory Care Pneumatic Tourniquet $9,000 
Complex Continuing Care Patient Chair, Bariatric Geriatric $10,000 
Diagnostic Imaging PocketHealth (Sharing of DICOM Imaging) $8,000 
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Machine $220,000 
Emergency Department Cart, Treatment $3,000 
Emergency Department Cautery/Hyfrecator $2,500 
Emergency Department X-series Defibrillator $25,000 
Emergency Department Vital Signs Monitor, Wall Mounted (2) $38,900 
Endoscopy Vital Signs Machine $10,000 
Information, Communications and Automations Technology Network Devices (Computers, Printers, etc.) $25,000 
Laboratory Glucometers $28,000 
Laboratory MobiLab (Patient Identification for Lab Collections) $34,800 
Laboratory Medinet Interface $50,000 
Laboratory Interface for LifeLabs $17,000 
Materials Management Medical Carts $15,700 
Medical Device Reprocessing Department Cart, Transport $5,000 
Medical Device Reprocessing Department Automatic Door Openers for Scope Cleaning Room $5,000 
Medicine Bath/Shower Chair $12,000 
Medicine Cardiac Ultrasound Probes $17,700 
Medicine Vein Finder $3,000 
Obstetrics Bassinettes (2) $12,000 
Oncology Door Upgrade $30,000 
OR - Day Surgery Blanket Warmer $7,100 
OR - Day Surgery Vital Signs Monitors $5,500 
Recovery Room Cardiac Monitor $7,500 
Surgical Services Ultrasound Machine for Anesthesia $50,800 
Surgical Services Bladder Scanner $20,000 
  Total: $685,000