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Welcoming Groves Babies to Our Community!

Groves Hospital Foundation launched a new "Groves Baby" onesie program, August 21st!

September 5, 2023

Last year, 513 babies were born at Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH). Groves Hospital Foundation was looking for a way to welcome the newest residents of our community, by offering something to their parents with which to remember the momentous occasion. Thus, the “Groves Baby” onesie idea was born! Starting on August 21st, each baby born at GMCH has been given a special onesie marking their place of birth, to wear, to take photos in, and to have as a keepsake.

Bill & Cheryl Rowe Present the first Groves Baby Onesies to GMCH OB Nurses, Justine & Paige

Lori Arsenault, Executive Director, shared; “Long-time Foundation major donors, Bill & Cheryl Rowe & Family stepped up right away and offered to sponsor the program, committing to a pledge to cover the costs of the onesies for the next 6 years! This allows us to offer this welcome present to new families, without a big cost to our Foundation. We are so thankful for the Rowe Family’s continued support of GMCH over the past 21 years.”

Cheryl is a long-time Foundation Board Member. She completed a 9-year term in June 2022 and this June, after a year off, she re-joined for a second time. Two of Bill & Cheryl’s three daughters were born at the old Groves, and all 3 have now started having their own babies.

Bill & Cheryl shared; “We sponsored this program to create a way to mark the exciting milestone of a new baby being born into our community. The birth of a child is such a huge moment for every family and by giving them a “Groves Baby” Onesie, we will create a tangible keepsake, something they can keep for ever as a fond reminder of the incredible occasion. We wanted to warmly welcome each new member of our community. We are so proud to have the privilege of a state-of-the art new hospital here in Centre Wellington, in which these families can have their babies right where they live. Groves has always been near and dear to our hearts and we are so proud to be part of this new initiative, for the future." 

The inaugural Groves Baby onesie was presented to Rowe Family friends, Tye & Masha McGinn, upon the birth of their son, Wyatt (pictured).

Each Groves Baby onesies will come with a diaper pin and an information card. It thanks the sponsors, gives the family details on how to share their “Groves Baby” photos, and features a dedicated QR code in case families wish to make a donation to honour the birth of their child, or in recognition of exceptional patient care received at GMCH.

The Foundation looks forward to sharing many more “Groves Baby” photos (featuring the onesies sponsored by Bill & Cheryl Rowe & Family) in the future!



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